Solved How to Fix Corrupted Hard Drive on Mac & Recoer Data

More than 30 file types are supported so all your lost data can be found again. You can find your deleted iOS files back within few seconds.

  • Just connect the iPhone via an original cable to the power source.
  • Sometimes, however, firmware updates won’t install correctly and your device may not function properly.
  • Nonetheless, there is no harm in trying them, if you want to repair iPhone software free.
  • After the reinstallation has completed, iMazing displays a screen asking you to unlock your device.

Apple provides a few troubleshooting tools to help you resolve performance problems that occur with your iPhone. For example, you can clear all settings if you want to reset the device or clear all software and settings to resolve issues with conflicting apps. If the problems with your iPhone persist, you may need to restore your iPhone to its original factory condition. The restore process erases all your data and settings and installs a new version of the iOS through iTunes while the device is connected to your computer.

If you didn’t find the email, check the spam/junk folder. Please whitelist and request to send the link again.

firmware file corrupt iphone update

Now, you can easily boot your iPhone into recovery mode and your iPhone will be restored stock ROMs in a few minutes. Then, iTunes will automatically start and iPhone can be kept in recovery mode. Therefore, it is also a way worth trying to fix the “iPhone stuck on Apple logo” error. In some situations, as iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo when you update your iOS, you can deal with it by reinstalling the iOS. Select Recover from iTunes Backup File to detect all backup files in the computer.

  • When the download is completed, your iPhone is being repaired now.
  • The terms firmware and operating systems are used by many people interchangeably.
  • So, what are the ways we can try to fix the iPad stuck on white screen?

It can fix more than 30 iOS system issues without data loss. Joyoshare offers free Enter/Exit Recovery Mode with one click. Last week, my iPad didn’t connect to Wi-Fi. I have tried many traditional ways to fix the problem, like checking the Wi-Fi router, resetting network settings, upgrade to the current iOS version. Therefore, I decided to restore my iPad. This is the last way I should attempt to fix iPad’s disconnection to Wi-Fi due to its data loss. An IPSW file (which stands for iPhone Software, iPad Software, or iPod Software) consists of both the system software and firmware for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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